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Hunter Green Tassel

Hunter Green Graduation Tassel

Hunter Green Tassel

Our Hunter Green Tassel tops your Graduation Cap. The Tassel comes complete with a current-year (for example 2017) charm marking the year of your graduation.

Standard in size, this Tassel is particularly nice because it is made of high-quality silk material. It will hang smoothly from your Graduation Cap without twisting.

Your choice of single and double color can be made.

Our Hunter Green Tassel is always in stock!

Product details
  • 9” Tassel Construction
  • 7” Hang Loop
  • 1.25" Signet (Year Charm)
  • Gold Plated Copper Clasp
  • Gold Plated Zinc Signet
  • Free Moving Year Charm
  • Reinforced Tassel Knot
  • Rich In Color
  • Quantity Discount Pricing
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